Salted cocoa coco bliss balls

Salted Cocoa Coco Bliss Balls

If you’re yet to try a bliss ball, you might be wondering what the fuss is all about. I have to say though, having made them (and eaten them) in such a short amount of time I am fully on the bliss ball bandwagon. Come join.

You will need:
A food processor/mini chopper

1 x cup nuts (I used a mixture of almond, hazelnut, walnut and pecan)
2 x tbsp coconut oil
1 x tbsp peanut butter
1 x tbsp cocoa powder
1 x tsp maple syrup
1 x tbsp desiccated coconut
1 x tbsp flax
1 x tsp chia seeds
good pinch of salt

Whack your nuts in a food processor and pulse until combined and roughly but quite finely chopped.

Add all the other ingredients. I just use my mini chopper and find I have to add things in stages as it’s so diddy. The more liquid ingredients, particularly the coconut oil, really help the mixture pack down so I would add that after the nuts, along with the cocoa powder first of all. The salt is what makes the chocolate taste more chocolatey and makes them really delicious so I recommend a generous twist.

The best thing about bliss balls is that you can mess with the recipe to please yourself – nuts / nut butters are pretty essential, but you can use cocoa, cinnamon, oats, protein…dried fruit if your stomach permits you… the list goes on. I strongly encourage you to lick the mix and make them to your taste. I think it needs the sweetness from the maple syrup but if you’re ok with dates add a couple to the mix as they do wonders for the texture too.

You can move the mixture to a larger bowl before adding the desiccated coconut, flax and chia if your processor is weeny like mine. Mix together with your hands and roll into bitesized balls before laying them out on a tray / plate.

Pop in the fridge to set for 20 mins. They are then yours to enjoy for as long as you can make them last!



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