Butternut squash and sage risotto

butternut and sage risotto

Since I learnt to cook, risotto has been my go-to comfort food. I always find it more satisfying than pasta (which no longer ranks highly on my comfort food list, sob). Sometimes it’s nice to earn your comfort food; risotto has to be made with love but you are deeply rewarded (I think often because you can eat it with a spoon if no one is watching. Or if they are…who cares). Risotto is a great post-Sunday roast dish when you have the leftover chicken bones for chicken stock and a few little bits of meat left over.

Now, do not fret about the star ingredient in this dish. Limit your serving to a 1/4 cup of butternut squash and this will be low FODMAP. That may not seem like a lot, but you really only need a very small amount of roasted / cooked squash to stir through the risotto towards the end. The flavour here comes from a good chicken stock, a good parmesan and sage.

butternut and sage risotto

You will need:
1/3 cup aborio risotto rice
1/4 roasted butternut squash
small bunch of sage leaves
1 litre chicken stock (or vegetable)
knob of butter
25g parmesan
garlic oil
splash of white wine
handful chopped chicken (optional)

See our recipe for low FODMAP chicken stock – it takes less than 10 mins to prep and can just bubble away on a low heat with the lid on in the oven for a few hours or even overnight. Once you have stock to hand, go go risotto!

Start by roughly chopping your sage leaves (leave in fairly large chunks) and frying them in a small amount of butter. Remove a few pieces of sage when crispy and set aside on some kitchen towel. Add in the chicken. As this will already be cooked, this is just to infuse the chicken with the sage so you don’t need to cook it for long really. Give it a whiff and if it smells deliciously buttery and sagey you may remove, and add to a bowl.

Add another dollop of butter and a glug of garlic oil to the pan and melt together. Add the rice and stir so that it is coated, at which point you can add the white wine. After a minute or so, add enough stock so that the rice is covered. Keep stirring constantly and each time the liquid is absorbed into the rice, top it up again. It’s time consuming, but important because you don’t want it to be a soup (which happens if you add all the stock at once) or stodgy (which happens if you just add a bit and don’t stir it).

After a few top ups, and usually about 20 minutes, test the rice and see if it’s cooked. If it isn’t, keep adding stock. If it is, wait until most the liquid is absorbed but so that it still has movement and stir through half of your parmesan. With a fork, mash up your butternut squash and stir this through too. You can leave a few pieces to top the dish with if you like. Add the chicken, removing any sage pieces as these might have gone soggy.

When ready to serve, add the remaining parmesan and crispy sage leaves from before. Season if it needs it, and enjoy your well earned comfort food!


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