Light and leafy: feta and spring greens salad

Light and leafy: feta and spring greens salad


Today is day 13 of the 21 day FODMAP Photo Challenge over on Instagram. Despite this challenge not appearing on my radar until it was a few days in, I’ve managed to keep up …with a few exceptions! It’s a challenge alright. Cooking low FODMAP is already a mission most days, so this challenge is a challenge indeed!

It’s been really enjoyable so far though, and totally what the FODMAP community needs: something that connects us and presents a whole load of accessible, inspiring low FODMAP recipe ideas. Kudos to @calmbellykitchen@fodmapjourney and @fodmaplife for hosting the challenge and sparking conversation between us all!

Today’s photo challenge theme is LEAFY.

Enter this super quick ‘oh-my-god-I-cannot-eat-another-potato’ spring greens salad.

Light and leafy: feta and spring greens salad

You will need:
3 or 4 large leaves of spring greens
handful of green beans
4 or 5 small florets of tenderstem broccoli
75g feta cheese
glug of olive oil
squeeze of lemon juice
toasted mixed seeds
half a chopped chilli (optional – sometimes I like it to have a kick)
black sesame seeds (optional)

Wash your veggies. Take the spine out of the spring green leaves and slice into strips. Trim the green beans and halve if you like, and cut the broccoli into bitesize chunks. Chuck your broccoli into a steamer and steam for about a minute, then adding your green beans, followed by your spring greens a minute after that. They should all be ready once the spring greens have started to wilt. I like this salad to keep its bite, but you might not. Just do whatever floats your boat! Once steamed, you may wish to blanch your vegetables to stop them cooking any further. This is a good idea – have a big bowl of ice water standing by to drop the veg in when you’re ready.

While things are steaming, chop your feta up into smallish chunks and your chilli finely (if using). Toast your seeds in a dry pan on a moderate heat.

Drain the veg / remove from steamer and add to a bowl with your feta, a squeeze of lemon juice, a lashing of good olive oil and of course, your toasted seeds.

This salad is so quick to do… it’s refreshing, light and of course … leafy! You can sub in / out many things – if you tolerate beans / peas for instance, they’d be welcome in this recipe. I am doing my reintroductions again, so no peas for me – otherwise I totally would. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Light and leafy: feta and spring greens salad

  1. FODMAP Journey says:

    Thanks FODMAPPIN! Glad you have been/are enjoying the challenge. I’ve really enjoyed taking part in the challenge also (still a week to go too!) and as you say, it’s been a great way to connect FODMAPers and foodie lovers. Kudos to Julie of Calm Belly Kitchen for creating the challenge 🙂 your food always looks so delicious and this recipe is no exception – yum! Anna.xo


  2. fodmappin says:

    It’s been great so far – such a good idea! Aw thank you so much, it’s nice to see so many people taking part and posting such inspiring looking photos – so many things I want to eat!


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