Gluten free truffle and parmesan pasta

Gluten free truffle and parmesan pasta

Today’s theme in the low FODMAP photo challenge is ‘fast’. When I started this diet I feared for the pasta shaped hole in my life. I’ve tried a few gluten free varieties, but I have to say that this maize and rice pasta from Doves Farm is my current fave. It’s a little pricier than supermarket own brands but I think an extra £1 or so is worth it – it tastes more like real pasta, and … depending on how long you’ve been following the low FODMAP diet – I’m sure you’ll agree that sometimes, the flavours we all pine for are worth paying for!

This is one of my favourite pasta dishes to make at the moment. It’s simple, fast and flavourful … first class comfort food.

You will need:
A good bowl’s worth of your favourite gluten free pasta
25g parmesan
1 x large egg yolk (our chickens lay mini eggs so I use two)
3 or 4 drops of truffle oil (porcini oil would also work here if you’re not a truffle fan)
black pepper

Gluten free truffle and parmesan pasta

Put your pasta on the heat, and commence with your prep – which is minimal. Separate your egg yolk(s) out and whisk in a bowl with a few drops of truffle oil. You really only need a few – don’t be tempted to add more until you’ve tasted it as it can really overpower! I like it as a subtle addition but if you’re using porcini oil you could throw in some more. Add black pepper.

Grate your cheese. When the pasta is done, drain it, reserving a couple of tablespoons or so of the water. In the same pot, add the egg/truffle oil mixture and your cheese, with some extra black pepper. Keep stirring the mixture through the pasta until it has coated the penne and you can see there are no uncooked parts of egg. Like a carbonara, you don’t need to put this back on the heat but if I’m really hungry sometimes I do for just a second to get it going again! Top with some rocket / salad if you wish, or just tuck into it on its own.


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