Seared tuna steak with zingy fennel salad

Seared tuna with zingy fennel salad

I love December. I love the comforting meals we associate with it; the stews, soups, roasts and crumbles. It’s got to be the best time of year for eating.

I can’t help but feel though, that this year I sort of want to relish the feast a little bit more. Loading up on heavy, indulgent food for the entire month doesn’t create much of a climax in Christmas dinner.

I think perhaps without wheat this festive season, I’ve turned more and more to potato … so without the tantalisingly tasty sausage rolls (cry) and comforting mince pies in my life, on dark rainy December evenings, although not particularly cold, I’ve been defaulting to jacket potatoes a lot.

So, sometimes it’s necessary to skip the beloved potato and make something like this – a tasty, lemony fennel salad with a nice piece of seared tuna. A breath of fresh air amongst the richness of December dining – and a dinner, I think, that makes you appreciate festive food all the more.

you will need

1 x tuna steak
1 x fennel bulb
1 x lemon
handful of cherry tomatoes
garlic oil


Put a griddle pan on really high heat, with no oil.

Chop your fennel bulb into bitesized chunks, and pop into  a bowl. Grate the zest of one lemon over the fennel, drizzling with garlic oil and seasoning well.

Put crosses in the tops of your tomatoes, and add a little oil to the hot pan. Careful – it will spit (if it’s hot enough). Coat the pan in oil and add your tomatoes. After one minute, add the tuna steak and allow to cook for about two minutes, turning it halfway through. You can do this to your taste; I like my tuna quite rare but you can quite easily cook it all the way through.

Add your tuna and tomatoes to the fennel, squeezing some lemon juice over the bowl.

Voila! Takes far less time than a jacket potato, too.


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