Low FODMAP Banoffee Pie

low fodmap banoffee pie

I picked my brother up from the airport yesterday – he’s been away in Hong Kong for five months and so today we had a huge roast dinner with all of the family to welcome him home; it was such a great day.

I wanted to make a cheek-achingly sweet pudding he used to love as a kid – banoffee pie. Of course – we’re about to start the third week of the FODMAP free challenge – so no cheating allowed!

Thanks to the Monash app though – I was able to double and triple check, and we are allowed up to two plain sweet biscuits in a portion, and cream, so long as it’s whipped. So you have two options with this pie if you’re making a low FODMAP version: either use plain rich tea biscuits for your base, or use gluten free digestives. Digestives make a more robust base with texture, but rich tea work well too. The star of this pie though, is the pecan. Don’t make it without them, they bolster the base with crunch and flavour that marries beautifully with the banana and once candied, they bling up the topping with their glistening coats.

low fodmap banoffee pie

the evolution of pie

you will need:

(for the base:)
225g rich tea biscuits OR gluten free digestives
100g pecans
125g salted butter (melted)

(for the filling:)
125g salted butter
100g soft brown sugar
400g dulce de leche or caramel
1/2 tsp salt

(for the topping:)
60g pecans
15g icing sugar
4 ripe bananas
juice of half a lemon
275ml double cream
1/4 tsp coffee granules/ground coffee


To make the base: crush up your biccies into crumbs (you can use a food processor or just throw into a sandwich bag and smash with a rolling pin).
Chop the pecans roughly, keeping the pieces fairly small.
Add the melted butter and stir through. Press into a medium sized pie dish or spring form pan. Pop it in the fridge to stiffen a little while you make the filling.

To make this, add the butter and brown sugar to a pan and melt together on a low heat – being sure to stir constantly. Pour in your dulce de leche / caramel and salt and stir through, allowing to bubble. If you want to make this a salted caramel affair, add an extra few twists to your liking. Take off the heat, and then pour onto your biscuit base. Pop back in the fridge to cool for about an hour.

To make the candied pecans, rinse them under water, drain and cover with the icing sugar. Pop them into the oven at about 180 degrees and bake for 10-15 mins, being sure to check them every couple of minutes to ensure they don’t catch. Remove and leave to cool – the sugar will harden and form beautiful, sparkling crystals.

Ok! When you’re about ready to serve, whip your cream, adding the coffee as you go. It’s just a subtle flavour through the cream, but it works with all the sweetness this pud has got going on.

Slice your bananas thinly, and drizzle your lemon juice over them. Place them in circles over the pie. Dollop the whipped cream on top, smoothing out as much as you like. Finally, decorate with your sparkling pecans, and you’re ready to serve!

Gooey, gorgeous, gluten-free banoffee heaven. Sunday wouldn’t be Sunday without a treat, would it?

low fodmap banoffee pie


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