The FODMAP free challenge: two weeks to go!

So, I’ve been following the elimination phase for almost four weeks now. It really is much easier the second time around. My body doesn’t crave the things it did the first time, i.e. wheat, sweet fruits etc… but that’s not to say it’s been easy or that I’ve been a saint.

I have slipped up once or twice, as expected … although it made me feel considerably worse than it has done previously. I put it down to ruthlessly cutting out the FODMAPs again; I guess my body has become especially intolerant to these things for not being exposed to them at all in recent weeks.

The times that I have cheated have been when I’m out and about, and in need of sustenance. This is always my vice: if there isn’t a totally low FODMAP option, I tend to take the next best option, which normally incorporates some lentils, or some garlic, or some fructose… FODMAPs I choose because generally I know I tolerate these relatively well.

One key message, which if I could, I would illuminate with blinding, flashing bulbs?


That is to say, me diving into a lentil salad with a very large portion of red cabbage alongside it in order to avoid all the wheat-smothered cafe foods whilst out in London last weekend might actually have done me more harm than if I’d just scoffed the scotch egg, with its delicious (but negligible) breadcrumbed exterior.

As soon as I’d been FODMAP free for three days though, I felt fine again. And so onwards with the elimination phase, with the revised knowledge at the front of my mind for reintroductions: only challenge ONE FODMAP at a time, and do so in regulated portion sizes as instructed by Monash and your dietitian. 


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