Courgette and quinoa fritters

Quinoa courgette fritters

Crunchy, filling and a little bit naughty … find me somebody who doesn’t love a fritter.

These beauties, formed from courgette and quinoa, are all of the above, and require a lot less effort than you might think. If you remember to put your quinoa on to cook while you prep the rest of the ingredients, they’ll be ready in a flash.

you will need (makes 6 fritters):

125g quinoa
1 x courgette (grated)
3 x spring onions (finely sliced, green parts only)
2 x tbsp garlic oil
2 x eggs (beaten)
zest of 1 lime
30g buckwheat flour (or any other GF flour)
half a block of feta (chopped)


First get your quinoa on to boil. You can cook it either in boiling water, or in some low FODMAP stock for a really delicious base.

While it’s bubbling away, throw your spring onions, eggs, feta, lime zest and flour into a bowl. On a plate, grate the courgette and then roll the gratings in some kitchen towel to blot away any water. This is important, as you want your fritters to hold their shape and that won’t happen if they get soggy.

When your quinoa is cooked, drain it, allow to cool and add to the mixture. If your mixture is too dry you can add another egg. If too wet, sieve in some more flour.

Pop a large pan on a high heat, and add your garlic oil:  it’s time to fry your fritters! Everyone has their own way of doing this part, but I think the easiest way is to scoop a good sized portion of the mix straight into the pan with a spoon, using a spatula immediately to flatten and shape it. I fry three at a time, for 3-4 minutes on each side. Once the first side is done, you might find they hold their shape really well and you can flip them without too much trouble. For me, my first batch was very co-operative, while the second had to be turned into (a very delicious) Plan B: a kind of quinoa bubble and squeak.

If you do manage to escape with fully formed fritters however, they are really tasty on their own, in a gluten free bun, or on a bed of fresh rocket. Definitely one to revisit come summer BBQ season too.

corguette and quinoa fritters




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