Mediterranean style lemon chicken salad

Mediterranean style lemon chicken salad

Ask a British person what their favourite thing about the winter is and I guarantee you, Sunday roasts will rank highly on their list.

One of my favourite things about a Sunday roast is the mileage you can get out of one meal. You can’t beat a roast chicken for value. A lot of people complain about the price of a whole free range chicken these days, and it’s true that they’re not cheap, however by using all of the meat and then making chicken stock, one bird will provide you with many a meal.

This recipe from Madeleine Shaw is one that works particularly well. Fantastic on a Monday, it’s a refreshing, salty, zesty salad to cut through the richness of a roast and all the other weekend naughtiness.

you will need:

for the salad:
a good handful of cooked chicken breast
two handfuls of iceberg and any other lettuce – I really like the bitterness of chicory
2 x tbsp green olives
1 x tbsp pine nuts, toasted

for the dressing:
zest of half a lemon
garlic oil
2 x tbsp plain yoghurt (I use goat’s milk yoghurt as it doesn’t contain any lactose)


Place your chicken and salad leaves onto a plate. While your pine nuts are toasting in a dry pan, make the yoghurt dressing. Mix together your yoghurt, lemon zest and garlic oil in a bowl. Stir well.

Add the olives and toasted pine nuts to the salad, followed by your dressing. I actually think the goat’s milk yoghurt works well with the lemon, but if it isn’t to your taste, 2 tablespoons of regular yoghurt is low FODMAP too.

Mediterranean style lemon chicken salad


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