Raspberry chia jam

raspberry chia jam

This is one of those ‘why-didn’t-I-make-this-BEFORE’ recipes (if like me you have chia seeds in the cupboard that you feel guilty about not using very much).

This jam has a fraction of the sugar content you’ll find in most jams – and because of this, it actually tastes like raspberry. It’s delicious, I’ve been finding excuses to incorporate it into my food all day.

Banana and cinnamon buckwheat bread with raspberry chia jam

Banana and cinnamon buckwheat bread with raspberry chia jam

you will need:

150g frozen raspberries / or any other low FODMAP berry (could use fresh)
1 x tbsp maple syrup
1 x tsp vanilla paste
2.5 x tbsp chia seeds


If using frozen berries, pop in a bowl with a little boiling water and break up with a fork so that they’re a little bit mushy with some liquid in the bottom. Combine your berries, maple syrup and vanilla paste in a food processor or blender and whiz up into a fine, smoothie like texture.

Add your chia seeds, and stir through. Pop in the fridge, stirring every fifteen minutes or so. After about half an hour the jam will be set and you can enjoy it on this banana and cinnamon buckwheat bread, in your porridge, with your ice cream, your yoghurt… everywhere! Guilt free and gorgeous.

This will keep for 4 days in the fridge, so you have every excuse to have an extra spoonful!



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