Posts will resume on MONDAY!

I have to begin this post with an apology for falling off the low FODMAP map these past few weeks! I started a new job recently, and after travelling four hours a day to and from said job for a month, I’ve finally made the move to the big city.

Wifi was installed TODAY – so I’ve dusted off my keyboard to bring you nothing really… except a promise of some tasty, inspiring low FODMAP recipes in the coming months as we step into spring.

I’m so excited to say that I now live a stone’s throw from a whole load of markets and ethnic food stores – treasure troves of fresh herbs, spices and some really impressive looking veg – yesterday I spotted spring onions the length of my arm … I’m pretty excited!

I also plan to walk you through the reintroductions process when I commence that next week, let you know how I got on using asafoetida powder as an onion substitute and share my top tips for weekend meal prep – saving you time, money, and keeping you on the straight and narrow!

Weekly posts will resume next Monday!



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