Salmon and parsley pesto salad

Salmon and parsley pesto salad

Mondays are hard. I know that before the low FODMAP diet, the way I felt tonight when I came through the door… there would’ve been one thing on the menu tonight. It would’ve been pizza. I’d have stopped into Tesco on the way home, I’d have bought a Hawaiian pizza and a beer, and I’d have eaten the whole thing in one sitting.

Alas. This isn’t a Hawaiian pizza and a beer – it’s not really even worthy of comparison to a Hawaiian pizza and a beer, but it is comparably quick to make, delicious to eat – and it outranks the Hawaiian when it comes to health, post-meal smugness and of course – the bloat factor.

You make a salmon parcel in foil – which takes all of two minutes. While that’s cooking in the oven, whizz up the pesto. On a bed of rocket, rests your salmon, under a heap of fresh, fragrant pesto. What a cracking mid-weeker.

you will need:

1 x salmon fillet
1/2 a lemon
knob of butter
Couple of glugs of white wine (1 in the sauce, 1 for you)
handful of parsley
5 or 6 brazil nuts
handful of grated parmesan
garlic oil
a few generous handfuls of rocket leaves


Preheat your oven to 180 degrees. On a baking tray, lay out some foil. Pop your salmon fillet on the foil, with a knob of butter on top. Pour on a little white wine, a good squeeze of lemon, and season well. Wrap the salmon up and pop in the oven for about ten minutes. You can check it isn’t drying out after 7 minutes and just spoon over some of the sauce to keep it moist.

While the fish is cooking, take a mini chopper / food processor and add your brazil nuts, a good drizzle of garlic oil, one  handful of rocket and one handful of parsley (include the stalks). Whiz it up. Next, squeeze lemon juice into the mix and grate a small amount of parmesan in there too. You can zest some lemon if you like too and add a little bit of black pepper. I don’t like my pesto too wet but if you prefer the texture, simply add more garlic oil – or just regular olive oil. Be sure to use a good quality one if you can though as it does make a real difference.

By the time you’ve done this, your salmon should be cooked. Take it out and have a look, and if it flakes away in the middle slightly, you can serve up. Pop your salmon onto a bunch of salad leaves (be it rocket or otherwise) and top with your pesto. Monday is saved!


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