Tasty low fodmap prawn linguine

low fodmap prawn linguine

Seafood linguine is one of my all time favourite pasta dishes. This super easy, super quick low FODMAP version featuring prawns, fresh tomatoes and chilli is so simple – really anyone short on time could knock this up in a flash. One of those great pasta sauces that takes about as long as your pasta does to cook…

you will need:

garlic oil
1 x pack raw king prawns (you can use cooked, but raw are much tastier)
1 x chilli
a good handful of cherry tomatoes
a good handful of basil leaves
a glass of white wine
zest of one lemon
big bunch of parsley

Your favourite linguine (also any gluten free spaghetti will work!)

low fodmap prawn linguine

Start by putting your pasta on to cook with some salt in the water.

Heat your garlic oil in a large pan, adding finely chopped chilli. Halve your cherry tomatoes and add to the pan once the chilli is starting to soften. Turn the heat right down and let the tomatoes cook down, so that their juices fill the pan a little. Sprinkle some salt and the zest of a lemon over this, and add your white wine. Allow this to cook off slightly and the sauce to reduce a little, probably for 5-10 minutes on a low heat.

When your sauce is starting to smell really lovely and pasta nearly done, add the prawns to the pan. These are cooked when they turn pink, and while it’s important to ensure they’re cooked through, leaving them in too long will mean that they lose all their water and shrink up quite quickly – so watch this.

Drain your pasta and add some olive oil to it (regular, not garlic). Serve into bowls and add your sauce, finishing with your fragrant, chopped parsley. No cheese required here – just enjoy this fresh, simple sauce with just a little bit of heat and another glass of that white wine!


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