Slow roasted pork belly with chicory and toasted hazelnuts

slow roasted pork belly with chicory and toasted hazelnuts

My boyfriend recently made this tasty dish for us on a Sunday evening. It ticks a few boxes for me because it’s simple, delicious and low FODMAP… but feels quite special and comforting too.

The meat is the star of this recipe, so it’s worth seeking out a quality piece. Pork belly is a really cheap cut so if you can, try to buy a free range variety from a meat counter or butcher. We bought this organic, free range piece over the meat counter in the supermarket and it cost us less than £4 … pretty reasonable for a special Sunday lunch for two.

you will need:

400g of pork belly
red wine / sherry vinegar
bitter leaves (we used chicory but radicchio will also work)
large handful of  hazelnuts


Score the skin of your pork with a sharp knife and sprinkle with a generous amount of salt. Pop into the oven in a roasting tin and allow to roast for around 1.5 hours.  When cooked, remove the skin and slice into strips. Slice the pork into strips about 2cm thick and add to a serving dish.

Added texture is especially important in this dish as the meat is so lovely and tender. The crunch you get from crackling, toasted hazelnuts and bitter leaves makes the whole thing really enjoyable to eat. Turn the oven right down and put the skin onto a baking tray lined with foil, sprinkling some more salt over. This will make your crackling.  On the same tray, add your hazelnuts. Pop the tray back in the oven for a few minutes to allow the skin to crisp up and the nuts to toast.

Add some of the pork fat from the roasting tin to a pan. Separate your bitter leaves, but leave them whole. Add to the pan briefly with a good splash of red wine or sherry vinegar. You don’t want these to cook right down but just soften slightly. Add the leaves to your dish with the pork.

Take your crackling and nuts out of the oven and add to the dish, peeling the outer shells of the hazelnuts away as you do so.

Serve this straight to the table, bringing the vinegar with you. It really needs the acidity to cut through, so add to your taste and enjoy!

slow roasted pork belly with chicory and toasted hazelnuts


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