Snacking on the low FODMAP diet

snacking on the low fodmap diet

This diet isn’t about denying yourself treats, so when the snack attack strikes it’s essential that you’ve got some low FODMAP options around. There’s no need to turn your treat into a tummy ache!

If you’re a snacker like me, preparation is vital. These are some of my low FODMAP life savers:


  • dark chocolate
  • flapjacks (buy ones made with golden syrup rather than honey or fructose syrups)
  • peanut butter
  • fresh low FODMAP fruit such as raspberries, strawberries, banana, clementines, pineapple


  • plain tortilla chips (make sure they’re free of the ambiguous ‘flavouring’ which often contains onion and garlic)
  • crisps (don’t have too many veggie crisps and watch out for flavouring!)
  • rice cakes and oat cakes
  • low FODMAP cheeses such as cheddar
  • low FODMAP nuts such as brazils, pecans, macadamias

my favourite low FODMAP snack products:

  • Pip & Nut nut butter sachets – expensive, but handy on the go!
  • Kallo dark-chocolate covered rice cakes
  • Sainsbury’s basics tortilla chips
  • Lindt Excellence dark chocolate with sea salt
  • Itsu crispy seaweed thins (yes, really!)
  • Lazy Day Foods free from tiffin

low fodmap snacks

Sneaky snacks high in FODMAPs:

  • Dried fruits such as apricot, banana chips, dates, coconut chips, cranberries, papaya

Limit your intake of dried fruits to:

13g dried cranberries
5g dried papaya
1 piece of dried pineapple
13g raisins

Also watch out for…

  • Milk chocolate
  • Most cereal bars, which often contain added fructose syrup, cashews, pistachios, dates and dried currants
  • Yoghurts with fruit compote, which is often high in fructose syrup
  • Coffee! Although this is low FODMAP if made with almond milk, caffeine is a big aggravator for IBS. If you’re finding you still have symptoms on the low FODMAP diet, trying cutting down on your coffee intake, too.


Life is easier on the low FODMAP diet if you can start making some of your own snacks. Shop bought options that claim to be free of one FODMAP can often include another. Many free-from items are also expensive and not necessarily very tasty – so it’s wise to embrace your kitchen. I am a terrible baker and have had countless disasters (coconut flour is not my friend),  but once you get a few go-to recipes you’ll be glad you made the effort.

View some of my favourite recipes for low FODMAP treats and snacks.


why not treat yourself to wheat?

Did you know, you can still enjoy moderate amounts of wheat on the low FODMAP diet? See my menu below of goodies that can be enjoyed in moderation:

eat wheat low fodmap diet

eat wheat low fodmap diet

Happy snacking!


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